E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce or Electronics Commerce is a methodology of modern business which addresses the need of business organizations, vendors and customers to reduce cost and improve the quality of goods and services while increasing the speed of delivery. E-commerce refers to paperless exchange of business information using following ways.

  • Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)
  • Electronic Mail (e-mail)
  • Electronic Bulletin Boards
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Other Network-based technologies


  • Non-Cash Payment: E-Commerce enables use of credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, electronic fund transfer via bank's website and other modes of electronics payment.
  • 24x7 Service availability: E-commerce automates business of enterprises and services provided by them to customers are available anytime, anywhere. Here 24x7 refers to 24 hours of each seven days of a week.
  • Advertising / Marketing: E-commerce increases the reach of advertising of products and services of businesses. It helps in better marketing management of products / services.
  • Improved Sales: Using E-Commerce, orders for the products can be generated anytime, anywhere without any human intervention. By this way, dependencies to buy a product reduce at large and sales increases.
  • Support: E-Commerce provides various ways to provide pre sales and post sales assistance to provide better services to customers.
  • Inventory Management: Using E-Commerce, inventory management of products becomes automated. Reports get generated instantly when required. Product inventory management becomes very efficient and easy to maintain.
  • Communication improvement: E-Commerce provides ways for faster, efficient, reliable communication with customers and partners.

Technologies we use:

  • PHP
  • VB.NET
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • Silver Light
  • XML
  • C#
  • Rails
  • Ruby On
  • Perl CGI
  • Flash
  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap

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