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Many young entrepreneurs are getting attracted towards MLM or multi level marketing business these days. For those readers who are new to this concept we’ll give a short introduction of this business. In MLM business, there are multiple levels of people who are marketing a product to consumers based locally or abroad. In this process generally a sales representative is trained who gets customers. Now this trained affiliate or associate recruits and trains other people (downlines) who get compensated according to their own sales as well as sales of other distributors they have recruited.

If you have a large number of downlines under you, then over a period of time you could be earning very handsomely. This is the beauty of multi level marketing. MLM is also called network marketing and this concept is becoming popular day by day.

MLM Software Features:

Web based MLM software: Flexibility to work from anywhere anytime.

Easy Integration with Email and SMS: SMS Integration enables the software to send an auto SMS on triggering of important events such as member registration, Commission, Payments made etc.

Content Management Driven: Our web based MLM software is based on a Content Management System with pages generated Dynamically. The CMS allows Admin to add, modify and delete pages in the site.

Add Multiple Products: The robust software provide the flexibility to add multiple products with different joining amount, Commission, P.V. etc.

Multi User / User Level Permission: The Admin can grant the users with a permission level. It includes the permission to do add a page ,editing a page and deleting a page etc.

Complete Audit trail / System Log formation: All of our power packed web based MLM software provide a complete log system. Logs and system records are prepared for all the entries done by the user when he /she is logged (Audit trial) along with Date time, IP, session so that there is no moment that is missed.

Data Dump export feature: Our smart MLM software's allows an excel dump of the master data to be taken so you never loose any data.

Dynamic Tax calculations: Calculate tax as per your system .Our trustworthy software enables all tax calculations including Calculation of TDS and Admin charges from the member commissions. The MLM software also allows to define a Dynamic Tax system based on which the tax calculations can be done by the system automatically.

MLM Software Modules:

Members Virtual Office

Admin Panel

Add On Modules

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